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Top Drives for Sale

/Top Drives for Sale

Top Drives for Sale

Henderson Rigs offers a broad range of new and remanufactured top drives for sale. Our used top drives have been inspected or rebuilt to manufacturer's and industry standards. If your job calls for top drive drilling capacity, depend on our new or used mechanical top drives to work your drilling rig successfully.

A top drive provides torque in a clockwise movement to drill a borehole. It provides a mechanical drive that is an alternative to a rotary table drive. It works to move the derrick in a vertical motion. Henderson Rigs understands the importance of the top drive to the success of an oil or gas drilling rig. We offer used hydraulic or electric top drives that can be fitted to almost any drilling rig that will increase rig performance and safety. The top drive works to rotate the drill string. It is a motor that is built to be suspended from the derrick of the rig. It's powerful swivel can provide at least 1,000 hp that will turn the shaft. In addition, we offer a TDS 11 top drive that meets drilling industry standards and demands. The TDS 11 provides performance and was developed for use on portable or permanent drilling rigs. A top drive can increase production with continuous torque, providing greater control, increased safety, portability and low maintenance for your job.

Henderson Rigs invites you to visit our available top drives for sale. Our industry experts can help guide you to a decision on a top drive for your drilling rig that will increase your productivity and save time drilling for your product. Our line of new and used top drives will offer you many options with state-of-the-art technology that will move your drilling job to the front of the line. Contact us for pricing.

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