Upgrading Your Drilling Mud Pump

The stage has been set, and the market has turned. The question is, are you ready? Now is the time to ready your rig fleet to meet your customer requirements, which includes adding a third 1600hp pump, and upgrading to 7,500psi fluid ends. Henderson is your turn-key solution to pump repairs, upgrades, packaging, and service. Contact us today!

Sometimes, upgrading to a high-pressure mud pump system isn’t hard. In fact, it’s surprisingly less complex than one would think. In the drilling world, today’s advancements surround increased optimization, adaptability and a high demand for horizontal and directional drilling. Offshore rigs have used 7,500-psi mud pump systems for years. Now, clients can benefit from the same, high-powered options on the shoreline.

Drilling Mud Pump Conversion Depth Range

Upgrading to a 7,500-psi drilling mud pump system is a highly valuable investment. Compared with low-pressure alternatives, 7,500-psi systems can boost a rig’s drilling efficiency by drilling more feet per hour. Completion times are reduced, sparing the contractor’s money, time and effort. Drilling Mud pump pressure is incredibly important, as it underlines a workplace’s optimization potential.

While efficiency is the 7,500-psi mud pump’s biggest boon, its high-pressure capabilities are similarly valuable. Capable of expanding the mud pump system’s operational range, the high-psi upgrade doesn’t need to operate at full capacity during drilling actions. Time and money, important as they are, can always be flexed to fit the pump user’s needs.

The Conversion

When upgrading to a 7,500-psi mud pump system, clients can expect an easy conversion. A lot of drillers, in fact, coordinate these projects while completing other maintenance practices between different drilling contracts. The system’s components can be replaced during the upgrade, and technicians can easily target upgradable areas within a pump’s fluid end section. While no direct modifications are made to the mud pump’s power end, several are made to its fluid end.

When a pump is converted to a 7,500-psi version, the below elements are included:

  • Three suction modules
  • A discharge cross
  • Three discharge modules
  • A suction manifold

Of course, high-pressure mud pumps can carry incredibly increased efficiency when navigating well-drilling projects. Other high-end drilling technologies, like walking rigs, pad drilling and alternating-current-powered rigs, too, are accessible when a 7,500-psi pump is used.

The Power End Rod Load

During a mud pump conversion to a 7,500-psi version, modifications are, again, only made to its fluid end. A lot of operators, for this reason, question whether or not a 7,500-psi pump’s fluid end may inflict unwanted loads onto its power end. Understandably, a lot of the concerns shared by operators focus on a pump’s power end road load—as well as its liner reaction load—when an overall weight difference is present.

Fortunately, all mud pump power ends receive ratings depicting maximum horsepower loads. A pump’s total horsepower load is determined by a few things. Wrist pin bearings, piston rods, connecting rod beams, main bearings and a pump’s power frame all determine the pump’s durability. Each is, however, directly benefited during a 7,500-psi upgrade, so a pump’s entire structure is formatted for higher degrees of power.

Optimized Fluid End Weight

When a pump is upgraded to a 7,500-psi version, additional weight is imposed on the fluid end. The extra weight, derived from a fluid ends additional metal, may be too much for pump operators. The increased fluid rate is, however, necessary to withstand elevated pressures alongside a pump’s L-shaped design.

Fortunately, these fluid end weight differences are insignificant. The difference between a 1,600-horsepower pump and a 7,500-horsepower pump, for example, is only about 1,000 pounds for every cylinder. Pump operators can be assured by their manufacturers: L-shaped fluid ends are additional upgrade options, making most power ends easy to handle.

Your Tech-Driven Solution

It’s important to find new ways to produce natural resources effectively. The 7,500-psi mud system upgrade is one of the most valuable upgrades one can obtain, and it’s changed the U.S.’s onshore drilling market for several years. Converting your mud pump to a 7,500-psi version isn’t difficult, and it can promote cost-effective, environmentally friendly and safe solutions into your workplace.