The Henderson Rigs & Equipment Field Service arm is divided into two main branches — Mechanical and Hydraulic. Within those divisions, we offer diagnostic analysis of equipment for troubleshooting and appraisal. In short, we supply expertise, support, diagnostic, and part service for rotating equipment, power systems, circulation equipment, and mechanical systems for oilfield drilling equipment, oilfield products, and capital drilling equipment including:

  • Rigs – Floor setback, drill floor, derrick, crown block, racking board (monkey block,) stand, drill lines, traveling block, etc.
  • Top Drives —Power swivel, pipe handling system, Slurry circulating passage, pulley, guide rail, drillers console, control systems, hydraulic supply, and their associated subsystems.
  • Mud Pumps & Drives and assemblies, parts, pinion shafts, agitators, discharge blocks, modules, pulsation dampeners, manifolds, skids, and internal parts.
  • Drawworks — Clutches, Over-riding clutches, Shifting Sleeves, Catheads, Shafts, Hydromatic Brakes, Anchors, Drums, Drum Assemblies, Rotary Drives, Eddy Current Brakes, etc.

We are Cost Effective: Henderson Rigs & Equipment sells, buys, distributes, and trades new, used and refurbished parts. We broker deals to help you sell off parts or equipment and we have a worldwide network of sellers so you can buy the exact parts you need. Our system works fast, efficiently, and offers a cost-effective approach so your installation, maintenance, and repairs projects run on time, and on budget.