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  • OIME 2000HP DC Electric Land Rig
  • OIME 2000HP DC Electric Land Rig
  • OIME 2000HP DC Electric Land Rig
  • OIME 2000HP DC Electric Land Rig
  • OIME 2000HP DC Electric Land Rig
  • OIME 2000HP DC Electric Land Rig
  • OIME 2000HP DC Electric Land Rig
  • OIME 2000HP DC Electric Land Rig
  • OIME 2000HP DC Electric Land Rig
  • OIME 2000HP DC Electric Land Rig
  • OIME 2000HP DC Electric Land Rig

OIME 2000 - 2000 HP SCR

DRAWWORKS - OIME 2000 HP drawworks, 2VC1200 high drum clutch and 38VC 1200 low drum clutch, Driven by two (2) GE 752 type series wound DC traction motors with 10 hp blowers. Complete with Wichita 336 water or glycol cooled auxiliary brake.

MAST - DSI 150’ beam leg with 1,000,000 lb hook load capacity and mast assembly stand.

Crown Block - 1 x 60” fabricated steel fast line sheave and 6 x 60” working sheaves. Sheaves grooved for 1-3/8” line. Geronimo line is 9/16” line 1.5 times derrick height in length. Drill pipe capacity is 242 stands of 5” DP and 10 stands of 9” DC’s. One mast assembly stand and two stands to elevate the blocks are included.

Deadline Anchor - 100,000 lb deadline anchor, Deadline is on off-driller’s side

SUBSTRUCTURE - DSI 30' box-on-box with a casing capacity of 1,000,000 lbs and a setback capacity of 600,000 lbs., Includes a complete set of hand rails and wind walls 8’ high.

V-DOOR & CATWALK - 5’ wide x 18” high x 50’ long catwalk, Cable trays to accommodate air, fuel, water, and electrical cables.

DRILLING LINE - 1-3/8” drilling line

Drilling Line Spooler - Air powered drill line spooler is designed to accommodate 7500’ steel drill line spool.

GENERATOR UNIT - 3 Caterpillar 3512C diesel Tier II EPA certified diesel engines, turbocharged and aftercooled, rated at 1476 hp each @ 1200 rpm with complete instrumentation packages and automatic shut down systems. Started by 60 to 150 psi air starters. Cooled by Mustang conventional style split core radiators (56 square feet) with 2 circuits for engine coolant and aftercooler. Engines each drive a Cat SR4B, 1750 KVA, 2 bearing, 1225 KW, 867 frame, 0.7 PF, 600 volt, 60 cycle generator complete with stator RTD’s, space heater, bus bar and cable access box.

SCR UNIT - Omron 4x4 SCR system powered by 3 Caterpillar 3512C diesel engines with a spare bay for an additional generator. The SCR House is 10‘ wide x 40’ long x 10’-6” high, with a plug panel and air conditioning system. System includes 1 x 1000 KVA, 600:480 volt, 3-phase motor control center, a 480 volt motor control center to operate the auxiliary equipment, 1 x 150 KVA, 600:120Y208 volt, All new external cable trays to accommodate air, fuel, water, and electrical cables.

TRAVELING EQUIPMENT - Oilwell 500-ton traveling block with (6) sheaves grooved for 1 3/8” line and National 500 ton hook

ROTARY EQUIPMENT - Lanzou 37 - 1/2” 500 ton capacity rotary table, chain driven from drawworks, With anti-slip floor matting

Swivel - EMSCO LB-500, with a 500 ton rating.


Mud Pumps - (2) Weatherford MP-16 single acting triplex slush pump, 1,600 HP. Each powered by 2 x GE 752 DC traction motors. Charged by 6 x 5 pumps each powered by a 50 hp, 1200 rpm, 480 volt, 3 phase AC motor. Each pump equipped with Weatherford 20 gal discharge pulsation dampener.

Mud Tanks - 2) Tanks with 1,040 bbls total capacity. Pits have 5/16” crimped walls and 6” square tubing rims. Each tank compartment has a mud gun and equalizer valves. A 16” x 18” trough runs the length of each tank. The shaker tank has four compartments with 520 bbl capacity with 2 Derrick 503 High G shakers, O’Drill/MCM 2 cone desander and O’Drill/MCM 12 cone desilter. The shaker tank has 2 each 8” x 6” centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals driven by 75 hp, 1800 rpm, 480 volt, 3 phase AC motors and includes a mud / gas separator. The 3 compartment suction tank includes a 60 bbl pill pit. There is a 10 hp agitator in the last compartment of the shaker tank and each compartment of the suction tank. The mud mixing hopper can suck or discharge to any compartment in the suction tank. High pressure system is 4”, 5000 psi.


Air Compressors—Service Air - 2 Gardner-Denver HRA2512S compressors each powered by a 25 hp, 480 volt, 3 phase AC motor. Each complete with a 120 gallon receiver. Dried and cooled with a Gardner Denver RNC-125 refrigerated air dryer.

Air Compressor—Cold Start - Gardner Denver HDR5-3 self contained cold start unit powered by a Lombardini 9 hp diesel engine. Capacity is 16.5 cfm at 125 psig.

Dog House - 8’ wide x 34’ long x 8’ high doghouse with knowledge box and workbench..

Change House - One 10’ wide x 38’ long x 8’ tall parts and change house with lockers and shelving. There is also a small parts storage area on the end.

Fuel Tank - One 8’ diameter x 30’ long fuel tank with 2 Roper AMD-27 gear pumps driven by 3 hp, 1800 rpm, 480 volt, 3 phase, explosion proof motors.

Water Tank - One 10’-6” diameter x 32’ long water tank including 2 3” x 2” centrifugals. Each pump is powered by a 25 hp , 1800 rpm, 480 volt, 3 phase AC motor.

ACCUMULATOR UNIT AND CONTROL - (5) station Consolidated Pressure Controls system including annular pressure control with 220 gallon capacity. Unit includes UET25-B triplex pumps with 1.25” plungers and 2 Speed-Flo air pumps. System includes a 150’ air umbilical attached to a remote control panel on the rig floor.


Subs For The Handling Equipment - Handling tools, slips and elevators to suit tubular inventory, Bit Subs, Cross over subs, Lifting subs, Pipe Rack

Drilling Floor Equipment – Slips, Elevators, Tongs, Spinning Wrench:

Catheads - Type 37 AK Foster make-up cathead and Type 24AK break out cathead.

Wire Line Unit - Five star surveyor wire line unit with 20 HP, 1,800 RPM motor with one line guide & 20,000’ of .092 wire line.

Dog Collar Safety Clamps

Kelly Spinner - 5-1/4” Hex Kelly x 46’ length with Varco HDP Bushings


Spare parts:

Transformers - 3-phase, 60 cycle lighting transformer and a 42 circuit, 120Y208 volt lighting panel

Junk Basket:

Forklift - Caterpillar 950 or similar forklift for jungle and rainy/muddy operations

Manlift - 40’ reach man-lift for safe operations at height.

Winches - Ram-Winch-Houston TX, Model: AG74352

Container - Spare parts

Miscellaneous - All components are mounted on 3 runner oil field skids with loading hitches designed for tail boarding. All new cable trays build to accommodate air, fuel, water and electrical cables. Walking areas are decked with ¼” plate and 3/8” plate around the rotary table

  • PRICE:
  • CATEGORY: Drilling Rigs
  • SUB-CATEGORY: DC Electric
  • HRE ID: 2000
  • MODEL: 2000 HP SCR
  • HP: 2000 hp

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