New/Used/Refurbished: Henderson Rigs & Equipment is a brokerage for top-quality oilfield drilling and capital drilling equipment and products. We offer a unique position for each of our clients. Not only to do we maintain an extensive inventory of new equipment, we also offer quality used and refurbished equipment too.

Cost Cycle: Because we understand the entire cost cycle for oilfield drilling equipment we accept trades so your company can move forward quickly, without the long and enduring capitalization process.

We bring to the oilfield a long history of quality expertise that benefits companies who are:

  • Expanding
  • Merging
  • Publicly Traded

Global Presence: We work on the global market and our position enables the quick sell or purchase of the best oilfield products, oilfield equipment, and capital drilling equipment. Our global presence extends to buyers too. When you need to sell equipment or when you are looking for a specialty piece, the Henderson Rigs & Equipment network for buyers and sellers is highly populated with global businesses looking to sell or needing to buy exactly what you have to offer. We are the connection that drives your business forward.

Brokerage: We offer you a unique set of services that ranges beyond buying, selling and trading oilfield drilling equipment, oilfield products, and capital drilling equipment. Our brokerage services include:

Certified Appraisals: We also offer inspection and appraisal services that are quick, accurate, and informative. We empower the business process for oilfield and capital drilling equipment, including third-party certifications of appraisal and we do so on a global basis.

Procurement: Through our transparent procurement process we enable your business process to move forward quickly for expansion, cost reduction, and increased efficiency. We are a USA Procurement Division and we do so on within the global marketplace. If you need alternative purchasing options, contact us.

Distribution: Henderson Rigs & Equipment is a distributor for select companies that match our quality assurance criteria. We offer high-grade equipment because we understand how costly delays and breakdowns are within the oil and gas industries. That is why we offer only the best quality parts, equipment, and services.

Henderson Rigs & Equipment offers a comprehensive set of services for the oil and gas industries. Through our transparent process, we offer certified appraisals, procurement, and brokerage services within the global marketplace. By offering new, used, and refurbished oilfield drilling and capital drilling equipment within our global network of oilfield and gasfield clients, we enable your business to move forward by helping you cut costs, increase efficiency, and find exactly what you need to succeed.