HENDERSON is a global leader in the service of drilling based solutions and a provider of Top Drives, Pumps, Rotary Equipment, as well as entire Rig Packages, and associated products and services for the Energy sector. This policy provides the foundation for the Company’s commitment to improving HSE performance.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Management is an integral and vital part of the way we at HENDERSON conduct business and is considered an equal part of the wider system for the management of our business. It is a commitment, incorporating the principles of sustainable development throughout the global organization. This policy is the corner stone of HENDERSON’s ongoing commitment to continual improvement of its QSHE performance, best practices, as well as management processes and procedures.

The Company recognizes that the management of health, safety and environmental matters is the prime responsibility of the Leadership Team (L.T.), who will ensure that there are adequate resources available to implement the policy. All HENDERSON employees share in the responsibility of ensuring the QHSE system is developed and maintained to the highest standards. We conduct all our business activities in a manner that is consistent with the values expressed in our corporate policies and procedures. Risks are managed to prevent occupational injuries and sickness, through proper work planning, QHSE training, hazard identification, inspections and incident investigations.

HENDERSON recognizes that the health, safety, wellbeing of its employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors, the satisfaction of its customers, the protection of the environment are the key drivers of its business; the entire organization is oriented towards achieving these goals openly and transparently. Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management and risk assessment fundamentals are integrated in all business processes. Management is responsible and accountable for achieving excellence in Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental performance for successful business results.

HENDERSON is committed to developing a viable and sustainable business; minimizing the environmental impact of our operations while making the most efficient use our time and resources. We endeavor to increase the usability, utility, and lifespan of existing equipment and newly manufacture equipment alike. These endeavors by their very nature minimize the environmental impact of not only our own operations but those of our customers as well.

HENDERSON recognizes the importance of implementing this policy throughout its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management systems, spanning the entire supply chain from suppliers to customers and the proper and efficient use of its products in accordance with their agreed specifications.

HENDERSON commits to comply with applicable legal requirements and all other requirements relating to quality, health, safety and environment issues to which it subscribes.

HENDERSON communicates this policy throughout its organization, trains its employees in the appropriate use of its Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management systems and engages them in the regular setting, measuring and revision of objectives.

HENDERSON undertakes to keep this policy updated, to implement and maintain its management system, and continuously improve its Quality, Health, Safety and Environment performance.

The training and development of HENDERSON employees and contractors is a critical component of the safety system. Management is responsible for providing QHSE training that provides employees with the knowledge to protect themselves and others from potential harm. Supervisors and managers at HENDERSON are accountable to ensure all parties are given the appropriate knowledge and equipment to deal with risks they encounter in the workplace. Employees have the responsibility to clearly identify any potential risks and hazards and to refuse any work that may pose an undue threat.