Henderson Rigs & Equipment offers in-shop repairs that exceed your guidelines and that comply with all regulations. Our team consists of experienced, trained, educated professionals that employ high-end skills for mechanics, welding, and advanced repairs of:

  • Rigs — including masts and substructures for both oilfield drilling equipment and capital drilling equipment. We offer complete rig builds, repairs, and modifications.
  • Top Drives — Kelley Drive, bell nipples, BOP, BOP Preventer (Annular and Pipe Ram.)
  • Mud Pumps — from 1000-3000 BBL. Our services also include fabrications or parts and construction of specially designed mud pumps, shale shakers, suction line, and power and control sources, etc.
  • Drawworks — including drill line, goosenecks, etc.

We offer our clients the ability to build complete systems or repair both oilfield drilling equipment and capital drilling equipment in-house. Our fabrication team allows for faster builds without the lag of waiting for parts. In addition, our procurement team can help ensure that we have everything we need to keep your project running smoothly and without costly time delays. Contact us for a personalized quote that matches your project.

Before and After In-Shop Repairs