Henderson Rigs & Equipment is a U.S. procurement division with domestic and international clients. We offer a transparent bidding process, speedy transactions, and efficiency. Our procurement system is designed to work for both buyers and sellers and to tether our large list of global contacts to buyers and sellers looking for unique equipment. The benefits for our clients are:

  • Increased options for alternative sourcing for both selling and buying.
  • Cost cutting opportunities for selling and buying
  • Increased efficiency when selling inventory or purchasing equipment.

We pride ourselves on our best practices. Henderson Rigs and Equipment use the following best practices within our procurement supply chain.

  • Collaborative buyer/seller relationships. We work with both parties to broker deals that work for each party.
  • Employ supply chain market intelligence — By understanding how the oilfield drilling equipment and capital drilling equipment markets changes, we position ourselves to better serve every customer’s needs for today, tomorrow, and into the future. That intelligence helps reduce delays in shipping and supply of oilfield products. That means for your time budget, we’ve got you covered.
  • Smart Supply: Employ technology to help manage your oilfield products needs for your recurring orders. Smart tech makes the process more efficient. We foresee your ongoing needs, alert you to emerging products, and help your operation to run as efficiently as possible.
  • Traditional and Non-Hydrocarbon: Our focus is on traditional and non-hydrocarbon oilfield drilling equipment and capital drilling equipment. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of innovation we track traditional changes within the market. We are able to accurately forecast advancements and to evaluate emerging technology within oil and gas.
  • Optimized inventories both for our own management and for buyer/seller. We increase the efficiency through effective procurement protocols.

Expect ERP and Total Cost of Ownership systems that help cut costs, increase efficiency, and speed up the procurement process. Our procurement system is dynamic. Henderson Rigs & Equipment uses new technology to match world-class procurement systems outside of oil and gas.