Henderson Rigs & Equipment offers six areas of rig engineering that provide expertise and scope for the technical services within the oil and gas drilling industries. We approach rig engineering as a partnership so that each client has access to the best solutions for each goal or hurdle that they face. Our goal is always to provide you with the parts, equipment, and advice so you can make an informed decision about how to approach business. Our rig engineering services include:

Semi-Submersible Rigs
Semi-submersible Rig Analysis – to ensure the success of each rigs operational demands. Services range from dry towing planning to structural analysis. We analyze rigs on a local and global basis. We offer expert review:

  • The physical and perceived stability of decks, drilling derricks, pontoons.
  • The structural integrity of the stability column and the risks of buckling.
  • LARS – Launch And Recovery Systems
  • Corrosion risks – including ballast tanks, tubulars, and girders.
  • Conversion opportunities – including mooring systems to advanced (Tri Catenary) mooring systems
  • Modifications for adaptation to FPSO

Jack-up Rigs

  • Analysis of structures for Jack-up Rigs to SNAME specs for physical structures including wave, wind, and deck load, in comparison with regulatory bodies such as ABS and
  • Fitness evaluation for hull wastage with forecasts for maintenance, repair, and the effects of potential modification as loads change.
  • Substructure Analysis including leg, leg strengthening and for the raw water tower.
  • Analysis of Jack-up rigs globally, and also for site specific requirements.

BOP – Blow Out Preventer
Expert analysis of BOP criteria including BOP frame and Wellhead Spider at rest and under load. We specialize in identifying influential relationships between LMRP and BOP systems. Customers use our analysis to justify modification for:

  • Frames,
  • Angel wings
  • Overload connections in choke and kill situations
  • Upgrades due to increased load conditions

We help your project run at peak efficiency so you cut costs, increase safety, increase production, and capitalize on opportunities.

Henderson Rigs & Equipment offers expert consultation for new piping projects and rebuilds/modifications. We work with both your representatives and your NDT company if you use one.

Existing Piping Systems:
We can recommend remedial limit(s) for your system including cropping and component renewal(s.) We provide advice for system screening including comparison to ASME B31.3 code requirements and or to your Predictive Maintenance Manual.

New System:

We provide advice for correct piping components and piping systems. We can provide physical inspection for new builds or compare options against rebuilding an existing system. If a new build is the answer, we certify the proposed piping system design via computer aided analysis. This helps to ensure compliance and fitness against ASME B31.1, 31.3 and 31.4 ASME Class II, API 16C protocols. For example, to comply with the ASME VIII Div. I protocols Henderson Rigs & Equipment utilizes computer aided compression programs with verified code check for accuracy.

Site Survey:
Henderson Rigs & Equipment provides on-site engineers or draughtsmen for:

  • Total site scope of project and work
  • Gathering data for drafting and project-based calculations
  • Conceptualization of design both for environmental concerns and planning options.
  • Application of new technology into your project as applicable
  • Post Project Work:
  • Capture, upload, and evaluate LSC (Laser Scan Data) via our experts.
  • Provide written evaluation and specification of Laser Scan Data
  • Build a Company Profile that helps you build future (improved) projects in similar environments

Henderson Rigs & Equipment provides professional personnel for evaluation and data collection so that your future projects improve performance, decrease costs, and increase production while complying with rules and regulations.

Repair and Modification
Henderson Rigs & Equipment offers on-site evaluation services of existing structures with the detailed analysis of repair and modification options. By doing so, we allow you to make informed decisions to repair and modify or build a new system based on cost and outcome. We provide:

  • New Build Conceptualizations based on site data
  • Comparison of cost vs. effects with a complete and detailed list of options
  • Options for modifications of existing structures or planned scaling of new projects
  • Maintenance expectations including detailed repair and replace data

Our expertise, transparent transactions, and our willingness to always do the right thing are what sets Henderson Rigs & Equipment apart from other field service and supply companies.

Hendersons Rigs and Equipment’s Rig-up services cover new builds, refurbishment, project completion, upgrades, and modernization, and seasonal care such as winterization.
We employ experts for:

  • Crane operators for oilfield drilling equipment and capital drilling equipment
  • Forklift operators for oilfield drilling equipment and capital drilling equipment
  • Welders, and
  • A complete staff of rig-up professionals including experienced engineers and a deep supply of oilfield products.

We offer full installation for oilfield drilling equipment and capital drilling equipment or we can help you complete a project already in motion. Our engineering team helps customers evaluate the need to refurbish, repair, or replace existing equipment. Be sure to ask about our part and equipment trade-in program.

Whether you need a crane team for installation or a fleet of rig-up trucks Henderson Rigs and Equipment has what you need. We not only own and operate a large fleet of rig-up vehicles but also employ enough professional and experienced personnel to run multiple projects at once.

Our focus is always on quality work, expertly installed on time and for the least amount of cost.