Drilling rigs rely on a mechanical device to provide torque to the drill string to effectively drill the borehole. The electric top drive is among the devices you can use. It can be an alternative to the kelly table and the rotary table. Electric Top drives are placed at the swivel’s area beneath the traveling block to enable vertical movement down or up a derrick. With a top drive, the drilling rig can drill the drill pipe’s longest section of the stand in a single operation. This way, the device can speed up the drilling process. A typical rotary table rig can only drill up to 30 feet, and top drives can drill 60 to 90 feet stands. Henderson Rigs & Equipment is one of the leading sources for electric top drives and other equipment you can use for your drilling applications.

An electric top drive is typically portable and relies on AC technology. It is ideal for land drilling applications, which typically require a smaller footprint and portability in drilling equipment. AC power is beneficial to top drives as it minimizes the need for maintenance while ensuring reliable performance. Electric top drives have a rugged design that can stand up to most conditions in the field. They come with fast rig-down and rig-up service loops and tracks, a user-friendly control panel, and integrated control systems to make them easier to use.

Reputable suppliers of new and re-manufactured drilling equipment and drilling rigs like Henderson Rigs & Equipment can recommend the right electric top drive that will suit your drilling rig requirements. Choose from a variety of options in horsepower or go through refurbished top drives with low hours. You can explore the selection of high-quality top drives, which take out the guesswork associated with generic models. These are made by well-known manufacturers like Maritime Hydraulic, NorDrill, Varco, Canrig, and TESCO.

Originally posted 2017-10-09 09:01:26.