Drilling equipment has made it easier to create holes in the ground, usually for extraction of resources like oil or natural gas. Having the right equipment will ensure a safe and efficient operation that is quick and capable of lessening waste. Hence, it makes sense to invest in high-quality equipment, whether you are getting brand new or used and refurbished products. Henderson Rigs & Equipment carries a selection of different kinds of drilling equipment for sale. Here are some of the drilling equipment that you can find there:

  • Drilling rigs – Henderson Rigs & Equipment has an inventory of natural gas and oil drilling rigs and equipment, like 3,000HP for land drilling and 450 HP for trailer mounted equipment. The selection includes natural gas and oil equipment such as workover, land, and trailer-mounted rigs. They carry drilling rigs from brands like National, Letourneau, and Schramm.
  • Mud pumps – These types of drilling equipment are either double-action or single-action pumps. Their efficiency is based on drainage cycles and suction times of the piston’s motion. Mud pumps are essentially a piston or a plunger-like device that makes fluid in a drilling rig circulate under high pressure to enhance the drilling capacity of the rig. When choosing a mud pump, consider a reliable workhorse like the Gardner Denver PZ-11, a triplex and lightweight equipment that generates up to 632 gpm flow rate on 5,000 psi, while leaving a minimal footprint.
  • Top drives – Be sure to explore the range of top drives at Henderson Rigs & Equipment when going over drilling equipment for sale. A top drive generates torque clockwise to drill boreholes. Its mechanical drive is the alternative to the rotary table drive, and it moves the derrick vertically. Top drives should meet the demands and standards of the drilling industry, so Henderson Rigs offers only the highest-quality used drilling equipment that provides increased safety, greater control, and low-maintenance.

Originally posted 2017-02-20 09:17:38.