Mud pumps are used on drilling rigs, and they are reciprocating pumps for circulating mud, making them ideal in the process of drilling oil wells. If you are looking for a mud pump for sale, the best place to get started is online, particularly here at Henderson Rigs & Equipment. We are based in Houston, Texas, USA, and we are a leading supplier of remanufactured and used drilling equipment to international and domestic drilling contractors. Mud pumps are among the types of drilling equipment we carry, and we offer them in different types, so you can be sure to find the right mud pump for sale that suits your needs and budget. Here are some of the different types of mud pumps that we have here:

  • Triplex mud pump – We recommend the triplex mud pump for drilling applications that requires a high pump pressure. One of the most common applications for a triplex mud pump is oil drilling, and it works by decreasing the volume of the working fluid being discharged to generate enough pressure to produce the flow.
A triplex mud pump comes with three pistons, where the middle piston is the one that generates more pressure to a crankshaft. However, be careful of high piston load, which can cause the excessive application of pressure that can lead to crankshaft failing or cracking. Be sure to explore our range of triplex mud pumps for sale here at Henderson Rigs & Equipment. We recommend the Gardner Denver mud pump for sale.
  • Quintuplex mud pumps – These mud pumps are used to pump fluid during drilling operations, and they work as a continuous duty return piston. Their external bearings aid in the crankshaft’s support to ensure the proper function of the five eccentric sheaves.
  • Duplex mud pump – Use duplex mud pumps to make sure that the circulation of the mud being drilled or the supply of liquid reaches the bottom of the well from the mud cleaning system. Despite being older technology than the triplex mud pump, the duplex pumps can use either electricity or diesel, and maintenance is easy due to their binocular floating seals and safety valves.

Originally posted 2017-01-17 09:19:44.