In April of 2016, we leased our first 5,000 square foot facility and were in the process of applying for our own API Q1 license. For the previous three years, we’d been growing the business very carefully, while focusing on providing our customers a very unique and satisfying experience. Today, we employ nearly 200 full time employees, occupy more than 200,000 square feet of warehouse and workshop spanning five facilities across thousands of miles, and have a dozen API licenses or certifications. My dream of creating a new kind of service company is now shared by some of the most respected industry veterans and professionals in the O&G industry, and I remain humbled and grateful. Over the last twelve months, the team we’ve assembled has accomplished some remarkable progress:

• We recruited some great talent. In some cases, they recruited themselves persistently until we had to hire them. Wayne Workman (Director of Rig Services), Kevin Flowers (Director of Equipment Services), Michael Isbell (Corporate Controller), Michael Szafron (Commercial Director), Drew Davis (HSE Manager), and several others have joined us in the last year. They are all smart, motivated, energetic, and experienced people who are driving the business forward.

• Three Houston facilities were consolidated to a new location on Bender Road in Humble, TX. A fully functioning workshop was quickly put together in a building that was not built for that purpose. The Bender Road facility, which was once a showpiece of rig yards, had fallen into disrepair and was primarily used to house a blast/paint company and store junked cars. Since the day we acquired the property, our team has been working hard to restore the facility back to its intended use.

• With the acquisition of the Bender Road property, HENDERSON moved into the rig services business. Starting almost from scratch, Wayne Workman and Monty Ward assembled a team to tackle our first major rig project: a $9.5 million rig package for a key customer. While some stumbles were to be expected as we moved up the learning curve, in retrospect the project went remarkably well. That rig is drilling today for our customer, and we hope to do another project for them in the future.

• We opened a new facility in Odessa. That process was not pain free. However, the shop is now open for business, and we expect it to be a go-to option for many of our existing and target customers.

• We closed the acquisition of HP Piping Solutions. This company has turned out to be a perfect fit with HENDERSON. It not only brought a new customer base for us to serve, but some great talented individuals, as well. Billy Rogers, his sons Dusty and Cody, Mark Cress, Chris Wilkerson (IT), Tim Thomasson (Quality) and others are all adding value to the entire organization now. And, of course, the acquisition allowed us to bring Kevin Kolb on board. He, too, has proven to be a great fit and an effective leader.

• We have improved accounting and financial reporting significantly. Michael Isbell gets most of the credit for this. A lot of the work has been behind the scenes so far, but will become visible in the coming year both internally, and in how we serve our customers.

• Our HSE systems are being overhauled by Drew Davis, and we’re already seeing improvements in our environmental compliance and safety training.

• Spearheaded by JP Magill, we’ve introduced better Human Resources processes, including better recruiting and onboarding, a formal performance appraisal process, a program for mentoring and developing high potential employees, and a compensation review process that brings us back into step with the market and able to retain the right employees.

• We raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity through customer appreciation events in Houston and Odessa, while doing our part in attending and sponsoring numerous industry events and conferences.

Growing a business fast comes with many challenges, particularly when you mix in acquisitions, opening new facilities, integrations and plant consolidations, acquiring talent, and a moving target in the price of oil. However, we’ve managed to do so responsibly and intentionally by having a big vision while remaining focused on the building blocks required for a solid foundation. We continue to pursue our goal of being our customers’ first call, while making an impact in the lives of our people, communities, and industry. Yes, we actually do all of that. Not always perfectly, but nevertheless, we are striving to be great; a Small Giant.

Humble, Kind, & Hungry

Humbly, we acknowledge that the industry has taken notice, and we are honored, and are committed in remaining responsible in our determination of doing the right thing, no matter the cost. We believe handshakes still matter, and that truth and transparency always prevail. Our team has been working very hard over the past year in preparation for what we all believe will be at least a few years of needed stability. I can say with confidence that we are ready, thanks largely to many of our customers who have provided us with numerous opportunities to serve them, and the grace we needed when we missed the mark.

Thank you!

This year is a year of focus for our team; on improving our systems and processes, efficiencies, communication, and overall customer experience. If you’d like to experience the difference, we welcome you to contact us.

– Dan Henderson, CEO