Top drives provide torque by moving clockwise to drill boreholes for oil or natural gas drilling. Their mechanical drive is an alternative to rotary table drives, and they work to move a derrick vertically. HENDERSON offers a great selection of top drives for sale, including used electric or hydraulic top drives that can be fitted to most drilling rigs. When choosing a top drive, make sure that it will increase rig safety and performance, and go for highly rated equipment like the TDS 11. HENDERSON carries the TDS 11 top drive, which is developed specifically for permanent and portable drilling rigs. It is essential for this type of equipment to be able to withstand being suspended from the rig’s derrick, and to swivel powerfully to generate at least 1,000 horsepower to turn the shaft.

The TDS-11 top drive is considered as one of the most efficient top drives preferred by leaders of the drilling industry for its reliable performance. It comes with a 7,500-psi wash pipe assembly and features like two forced air cooled 400HP AC drilling motors (totaling to 800HP), a quiet gear drive, 10.5:1 double reduction, powered rotating head, hydraulic disc brakes, a counterbalance with stand jump, and a bail. Its on-board pipe handler comes with a 500-ton rated solid body elevator (link adapter assembly), a remotely operated dual crank upper body IBOP safety valve, lower gripping jaw (for torque backup), hydraulic link tilt assembly, and a manual 15000 psi lower IBOP safety valve.

HENDERSON provides an NC50 tool joint for the pipe handler of the TDS-11 top drive. If you need other tool joints, feel free to discuss your needs with us so we can provide a quote. The PH-75 is one of the recommended tools for mechanized break-out of upper and lower IBOP valves and the heavy-duty rotating head motor to ensure consistent operation. It works with tool joints with an OD of 8.5 inches.

Originally posted 2017-02-21 00:00:04.