Drilling rigs are industrial machines that create holes in the subsurface of the earth. Henderson Rigs & Equipment carries different types of drilling rigs for sale, including small and portable augers that can be transported manually by a single person, and massive structures that can house the equipment used for drilling wells to extract natural gas, oil, or water. They carry Schramm drilling rigs for sale along with products from other reputable manufacturers, too. Henderson Rigs & Equipment is the best place to find used drilling rigs for sale, too. Here are some of the various types of drilling rigs you can consider for your application:

  • Land rigs – Land drilling rigs for sale at Henderson Rigs & Equipment are primarily used in the petroleum industry to create oil wells. They come in different sizes, so there is one for every drilling application.
  • Jack up rigs – These are mobile and self-elevating units that come with robust structure legs, which are lowered onto the sea floor. The drill can work through shallow waters that are usually less than 400 feet, but some drilling rigs for sale of this kind can operate in a depth of up to 600 feet.
  • Barge rigs – The name is derived from how they are set up, where the drilling equipment is on a barge to drill in shallow water depths. These are designed to float offshore, but not self-propelled.
  • Tender rigs – Another type of non-self-propelled offshore drilling rig is the tender rig, which has the drilling package on a platform. The tender’s facility supports the drilling operation from the platform.
  • Platform rigs – A platform rig is immobile and offshore, and development wells are produced and drilled from it. It can be constructed out of concrete or steel, and may either be compliant or rigid.
  • Semi-submersible rigs – These are floating drilling rigs with columns and pontoons, so they submerse to a required depth when flooded with water. The rig is anchored into place or uses a DP (dynamic positioning) system to keep the rig over the well. High-end semi-submersible rigs can work in water that is 10,000 feet deep.

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