Schramm is a manufacturer of hydraulic drilling rigs for land-based applications. The company is based in Chester County, Pennsylvania and they specialize in top-head hydraulic and portable rotary drilling rigs. Schramm drilling rigs are used in various applications in different industries like mining, water, geothermal, energy, and oil and gas. By choosing these products, you can be confident in their quality and reliability for your business. Henderson Rigs & Equipment carries both new and re-manufactured drilling rigs by Schramm, and their selection includes the following:

  • TX500XD – The equipment is among the best-selling Schramm drilling rigs, and for many good reasons, like the 760 bhp (567 kW) rating at 1800 rpm and an electric start. It has a side-by-side cooling package in 220-gallon diesel fuel tanks and dual core. Schramm TX500XD has a gear pump and a hydraulic pump system that uses eight piston pumps. The hydraulic tank in the rig can handle 1,000 gallons, and it has 18 twin element filters, a live load capacity of 57 psi (3.9 bar), and a dead load capacity of 26 psi (1.8 bar).
  • TX500XD with hydraulic pump – If you buy the Schramm TX500XD from Henderson Rigs & Equipment, you can consider the unit with its own hydraulic pump powered by a diesel engine, and 750-gallon hydraulic tank. It can come with accessories, too, such as the water injection system, BOP handling system, a trolley rater that can handle up to 40,000 lbs., mud or air fluid lines, and a DTH lubricator.
  • Other options – Henderson Rigs and Equipment carries Schramm drilling rigs that come with LoadSafe automated pipe handling system or Telemast, depending on your needs and budget. Both systems are patented and exclusive from the brand. If you need another type of Schramm drilling rig that is not in the inventory, get in touch with the supplier and they can try sourcing it for you at a competitive price.

Originally posted 2017-10-09 09:12:21.