Oil rigs require the necessary equipment like motors and top drive drilling systems to be able to create a hole in the ground. A top drive is the mechanical device used on drilling rigs to allow clockwise torque to the drill string while drilling a borehole. It is an alternative to the kelly drive and rotary table, and it is found in the swivel’s section below the traveling block, with a vertical movement up or down the derrick. Henderson Rigs & Equipment carries a selection of motors that can improve the performance of your top drive systems.

Motors are either electric or hydraulic, and they are set in a drilling rig’s mast to revolve around its string and bit. This way, they are a part of the actual drilling process of a well. Top drive drilling systems that use different AC motors are known for their better performance, which helps reduce downtime and minimize the frequency of upkeep. An AC motor eliminates the need for a lubricating system, gearbox, and other components that may cause leaks. Hence, it improves the performance level of the top drive, while increasing the torsion.

The latest motors for top drive drilling systems are made with high-density windings and magnetic steel. These components are attributed to the top drive’s efficiency in achieving more torque unlike traditional motors. With more iron and copper for the machines, top drives are capable of more thermal mass to make the motors less susceptible to the effects of temperature changes. The motor enables drilling fluid to pass through the AC motor’s shaft, too, instead of making it go around.

When looking for top drive drilling systems and motors, make sure that they are thoroughly inspected and guaranteed to perform well, especially if you are buying re-manufactured units. Moreover, make sure that they have Certificates of Conformance.

Originally posted 2017-10-09 09:17:38.