Here at Henderson Rigs & Equipment, we understand that oil drilling equipment can be a huge investment to drilling contractors and oil companies. This is why we are committed to supplying new and remanufactured oil rigs for sale and other drilling equipment to international and domestic drilling contractors. Our company is connected with a global network of reputable vendors, too. You can trust us to find oil rigs for sale and other types of equipment for drilling rigs, and you can treat us as your one-stop source for them online.

What sets us apart from other drilling equipment providers and dealers is our ability to respond immediately to customer requests, whether you got in touch with us by phone or email. Our customers like our direct and transparent approach, too. Hence, you can count on a faster and smoother buying experience when you buy oil rigs for sale at Henderson Rigs & Equipment. We understand that downtime can be costly to your business, so we aim to respond to your queries as fast as we can. Likewise, we stand behind all the oil rigs we sell to ensure your complete satisfaction in terms of their quality.

Our experts here at Henderson Rigs & Equipment can guide you if you need help in choosing oil rigs for sale. We recommend determining and understanding your requirements and the applications of the drilling equipment. That way, you can pick oil rigs that are just right for the diameter or depth of the drilling holes. Likewise, we recommend deciding on where the equipment will be used, such as offshore or land. Offshore oil drilling can be complicated and require specialized oil rig equipment because it involves undersea drilling.

We carry used oil rigs for sale, too, and we guarantee that all products are in good working condition. Used oil rigs have been examined, tested, and certified to ensure that they are still durable and to document their previous working hours, how they were used, and the last time they were used.


Originally posted 2017-01-17 09:34:16.