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Common Applications with the Schramm T500XD Drilling Rig

  • Horizontal and Directional Drilling
  • Pad and Conventional Shale Gas
  • CBM
  • Oil

Overview of the Schramm T500XD Drilling Rig

With over a decade of proven reliability and more than 200 patented Telemast® rigs in operation around the world today, a new era begins with our next generation 500,000 lbs. (226,796 kg) hook load T500XD. Developed for drilling contractors and E&P firms that demand the highest levels of safety and productivity with minimal environmental impact, the T500XD is the most advanced rig in its class, offering a powerful arsenal of world class technology and innovation.

Built to API Q1, 8C, 7K and 4F standards, this revolutionary land based rig focuses on oil & gas pad drilling applications with total depth in excess of 15,000 feet (4,572 m). Setting new standards with full 360° walking portability, an integral sub-base allows fast moves from hole to hole without the traditional limits of two axis pad mounted designs. The T500XD also offers full communication connectivity to third party data acquisition providers that utilize internet or dedicated satellite communication systems to remote operation centers.

With horizontal and directional drilling in mind, the T500XD offers best in class 35,000 ft.-lbs. (47,454 N-m) of top drive torque, third party directional steering interface and 80,000 lbs. (36,287 kg) of hydraulic pulldown capacity that can precisely control weight on bit and extend horizontal lateral capacity at shallow depth without relying on gross drill string weight alone. The T500XD is remarkably compact, transporting major equipment in only ten truckloads, a fraction of its nearest competition. Fewer truckloads mean a smaller rig site footprint and faster rig-up, along with less wear and tear on local highways, communities and the environment.

LOADSAFE XD provides class leading automated pipe handling for drill pipe, drill collars and casing. For maximum safety, intuitive joystick controllers are used to lift tubulars from the horizontal position and precisely mate to top drive spindle. Hydraulically powered adjustable holding clamps provide effortless make-up or break-out of tool joints. Hydraulic pipe racks are included to feed or discharge Range II or Range III tubulars on both sides of LoadSafe XD system. Swing arms for the racks conveniently transport as an integral part of the skid system.

DRILLING OPERATIONS are controlled from a spacious climate controlled environment for the driller and LoadSafe operators. The control room is positioned to provide excellent visibility of the rig floor and above, with remote camera systems monitoring BOP and LoadSafe areas. Joysticks control most drilling and tripping functions for the rig and LoadSafe. The main drilling displays provide details of hook load, weight on bit, top drive position, rotation torque and more. Hardware connections are also provided for wireless remote connectivity with third party data acquisition systems, in addition to Schramm factory service and preventative maintenance support.

HYDRAULIC ROUGHNECK is remotely controlled to make and break connections hands-free. Full adjustability easily accommodates variances in the landed height of the drill string.

POWER BOWL & SLIPS utilize hydraulics to raise split slips up to 13-3/8 inch (33.97 cm) diameter, in conjunction with a solid 27-1/2 inch (69.85 cm) API Master Bushing.
Patented TELEMAST Telescoping mast construction permits long head travel and working height, yet short overall length in the transp

TOP DRIVE MUSCLE Best in class 35,000 ft.-lbs. (47,454 N-m) of top drive torque.

360˚PAD WALKING SYSTEM The highly evolved 360° walking system allows the rig to accurately position over the conductor hole and provides quick moves from hole to hole while operating on pad drill

BOP HANDLING SYSTEM Cantilever design offers exceptional access to the BOP under the rig floor. Overhead carriage under the rig floor allows the BOP to walk with the rig when moving from hole to hole.

LOADSAFE XD VARIABLE JAW SYSTEM Single adjustable jaw set fits the entire operating range of rig tubulars. The sub-base is a cantilever design that offers exceptional stability and a compact footprint. The sub structure set-up (no crane required for rig-up or down) and walking system are operated by a radio control module. sites. Unlike traditional rigs on rails that only allow movement from left to right and front to back, the T500XD has a walking system that lifts the entire rig off the ground, allowing it to turn and rotate 360°. The walking system consists of (4) hydraulically operated pad systems that are located within each corner of the sub-base. Lift cylinders raise the rig 6 inches (15 cm) off the ground. Slide cylinders move the machine 12 inches (30 cm) in any direction in 5° increments

SIMPLY PUT, THIS RIG GETS IT DONE. FAST. From intelligently streamlined transport and set up, to faster hole to hole moves, to enhanced power and advanced technology to drill more efficiently, everything about the T500XD was conceived from the ground up to work faster, work safer, and get the job done sooner. And like all Schramm rigs, the T500XD is built with the exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail that drillers around the world have relied on for more than a century.

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