Dan and his team have always shown expert knowledge and professionalism dealing with clients, and have consistently provided a quality product with timely after sales assistance. This is reflective of the values and work ethic that Dan puts into his company, and what makes him, and his team the professionals that they are.
Weatherford Drilling has worked with Dan and his team on numerous occasions. Dan has personally assisted, with great results, on various odd requests and short deadline requirements. I would be hard pressed to work with a more knowledgeable or professional person in the Oil and Gas industry.
Dan is a straight forward kind of business professional with no hidden punches. He has always taken care of our problems with that “out of the box” way of thinking. He is our go to guy.
Dan and his company have an excellent reputation for providing excellent service and a quality product. I consider the relationship between our companies and employees a partnership that enables our company with the ability to provide our customers the best value.