Gardner Denver is a leading manufacturer of petroleum drilling pumps. The quality and performance of their products have contributed in setting the standard for low cost of ownership, reliability, and uptime. One of their most popular products is the Gardner Denver PZ 11, a reciprocating triplex mud pump that is considered a reliable workhorse. The equipment is noted for its robust construction attributed to its cast frame, valve-over-valve fluid ends, and double helix AGMA gears. Despite its power and ruggedness, the PZ 11 is lightweight with a small footprint that makes it appealing to drilling contractors who want to improve their productivity without compromise on long-term value.

Gardner Denver PZ 11 is versatile and can be used with the manufacturer’s latest 6,000 psi drilling module. Its maximum pressure is 5,000 psi, and the maximum flow is at 632 gpm. There are many advantages to its design. For instance, the cast frame reduces stress and extends the lifespan of the frame. The full roller bearing build ensures dependable service, and high-quality gears ensure conformance to AGMA standards. The PZ 11’s power end lube pump is integrated into the build, and the valve-over-valve fluid ends are a single piece, which helps simplify maintenance while providing a more robust and reliable construction.

While you have the option to purchase a brand-new Gardner Denver PZ 11, consider exploring re-manufactured and new units, too. As long as they are sold by established and reputable suppliers, they are likely reliable and in good working condition. Look for a US-based supplier or re-manufactured and new drilling rigs and equipment and make sure it is trusted by both international and domestic drilling contractors. That way, you can be sure that you are buying high-quality equipment from a dependable source that takes time to inspect and service the products they carry before adding them to their inventory. 

You can possibly save some money by choosing a re-manufactured or used Gardner Denver PZ 11, but be sure to inspect the specifications and verify where and how it was used. Compare prices to see if you can get the best value for your money with used equipment. Re-manufactured mud pumps can be delivered straight to your work site and they will be ready to use.

Originally posted 2017-10-09 09:35:04.